Sunday, August 21, 2016

Only took another month for our Visa to come through.  Along with us waiting was our new mission president, Pres. and Soeur Shumard.  They had been at the MTC for two months learning French, then attended their Mission President's conference and still had to wait.  We finally got our visas on July 15 and had travel plans to fly
out on the 18th, being routed through Johannesburg, South Africa.

Leaving Salt Lake City.  Getting pretty excited for our long flight to Africa.

    24 hr plane trip to South Africa then nearly 2 hrs waiting in line for visa check. 16 checking stations but only 3 staff to clear visas. Welcome to Africa.
    we were in the middle of the line of four flights about 800 people.
    We got to know all the people in line with us pretty well by the time we got through.
    When we got out of the airport there was a car waiting for us.  Poor driver had been waiting for us for nearly 3 hours.  He was glad to get us to the hotel so he could go home.
    Next morning we were off to Lubumbshi but we had been through this little airport several times and knew what to expect and nothing had changed except they did put in a cement floor.  Last time we were trying to walk over broken tile that was being removed.
    So good to be n the mission field of Africa again.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Back to the Congo we go!

Here we are again, heading back to Africa.  Since we were headed back to the Congo we decided to just continue our Congo Blog.
Who would have thought we would return to Africa after all grandma Mildred told us we needed to stay home tell she was safely dead.  Well she is very healthy and may out live all of us.
April 8th we recieved a call from Elder Brent Nielson's office.  When wewent to visit him he asked us if we would return to Africa to the Lubumbashi DR Congo mission to support the new mission president Pres. Larry Shumard.  Pres. Shumard had been called to serve but did not know french.  He was on a fast tract to learn french but couold benefit from our cultural experiences in Africa and from Farrell's ability with the french language.
Everything fell into place very quicky and we submitted our papers within two weeks.  We entered the MTC June 6.  Our MTC District was awesome and we learned so much even though it was our third time around.

Elder and Sister Card, The Smiths, __________________, and us.  Cards were going to Hawaii Polynesian Cultural Center and BYU Hawaii, Smiths were going to Redlands, California and we were going to Africa.  Go figure.
After our MTC Week  we headed home to wait for our Visas to come through.  And so we waited and waited . . .