Sunday, June 15, 2008

Stylin in the Congo - Hair styling that is . . .

One of the most surprising and amazing things you see in the Congo is the hairstyling. Hairstyling is an art and it is practiced by grandmas right on down to the babies.

It's not easy being stylin. It takes a lot of work. People go to school to learn hair braiding and wig styling. You see people getting their hair designed in beauty shops or sitting under a tree. Last week in a market place a man had a mattress thrown out on the ground and women were laying on the mattress with their head hanging over the edge while he braided cornrows in their hair.

Grandma Barlow always use to tell the girls they needed "pretties" in their hair. Her pretties take on a whole new meaning here.

Some hair pretties are as simple as Q-tips

There are corn rows and more cornrows
There are trees and then there are trees!

There are hair extensions that change the hair from root black to ends of red or yellow - or just make the hair very longThis girl must have run out of extensionsThere are wigs for moms and sometimes children wear them also
They are usually always very colorful

Is it a wig or not? That is the question. Braids of every shape and size
There are hair nets for stylin

There are shower caps for keeping that lovely hair dry in the rain -Why didn't I think of that?

Hair styling is truly an art! It just adds to the ambience and
shows how important style is in this African country.

But if it is a bad hair day don't fret just wrap your head in a beautiful piece of cloth to match your dress and you're STYL'IN

Look'in mighty pretty!

I need to get with it. For a mondeli everyday in the congo is a bad hair day. I could use some "pretties"


Scarehaircare said...

I'm grinning from ear to ear over these pictures. If I had thicker hair I would get my hair done in hundreds of braids every summer.

Angela said...

What a great post! I loved all of hte pictures. It's amazing what some people can do with their hair. I've never been able to do anything cute with mine. It's always straight and flat to my head. Even if I do get any volume out of it (meaning I rat it death) it is gone within 2 hours or less. I think you should come home with some corn rolls. :)

Funk Master B said...

Mom if you get cornrows I think I will pass out from shock. But give the "pretties" a try, see what happens.

michele84084 said...

Sister Barlow,
2 things:
1) I love reading about your mission and the people you are serving.
2)Your hair is great! The "tossled" look is very popular right now. The "tree" look might be fun though!

Michele Lindsay

Aimee said...

What great photos!