Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Value of One Small Pamphlet

We went out to Kimbwala for church today. When we arrived Bishop Haboko was standing in the parking lot. No one who goes to church in these two wards have cars so the parking lot is always empty. He was standing at the gate and opened it so we could drive in. We asked him why he was out in the parking lot when his ward had already started their meetings. He said he thought he must be out there to greet us.

Last week he got free to attend Sunday School which hardly ever happens and he said he was sitting there enjoying Sunday School and the Spirit told him to get up and go out to the parking lot. He didn’t want to leave Sunday School because he was really enjoying it and he so seldom got time to go. He said the spirit kept telling him to go out in the parking lot. He finally got up and went out into the parking lot where there was no one. About a minute after standing there by the gate a women he did not know walked up. Bishop Haboko welcomed her and asked if she was in the other ward. She said no, this was her first time. She had in her hand a Joseph Smith pamphlet. She said she had found this pamphlet and there was a phone number on it so she called and they told her where she could find the church. She had come to learn more about the church. The bishop said he welcomed her and walked her into the building and introduced her to the missionaries and left her in their capable hands and he went back to Sunday School. Got to love Bishop Haboko. He is a man of great faith and is obedient in all things.

Another story of the Joesph Smith Pamphlet

In January a new family, Bro. MBUYI-MARCEL and Sis. META-BERTINE and their 7 children started attending the Malueka ward. They were soon baptized. The family had been attending the Apostolic Protestant Church. Bro Marcel had many questions and went to his pastor for answers. He wanted to know about apostles and prophets and why there weren't any today. He also wondered why there was no longer Revelation coming from God to his children here on earth. The minister did not have the answers for him but handed him a pamphlet and told him he didn't know how to answer those questions but this pamphlet talked about apostles and prophets and revelation. Maybe it would be of some help. It was a Joseph Smith's Testimony pamphlet. Bro. Marcel was intrigued and started looking for this church. It took him a while to locate the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as the pamphlet did not have a phone number or any information about where the church was located. Once the missionaries started to teach the family it wasn't difficult for Bro. Marcel and Sis. Bertine to accept this story of a young boy and angels and prophets who receives revelation from Heavenly Father. Mom and Dad were baptized one week and the following week the children were baptized. They are a strong family and a wonderful addition to the Malueka Ward. Sis. Bertine is the Young Women's President in the ward. Bro. Marcel is a Sunday School teacher.

This is a precious family that were just waiting for the gospel to enter their lives.

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