Thursday, September 22, 2016

Rachel's Mission Call

Got up at 4 am this morning to try and FaceTime to family to see if we could watch Rachel open her mission call.  Who knew that Facebook now has a live feed.  Nathan put up the feed and we logged in and watched the whole thing live.  We didn't even have any internet glitches to interfere.  

Well our Rachel is going to Barcelona Spain on her mission.  Can't wait sweet Rachel to see you in action speaking Spanish. She is beautiful inside and out and that is a fact.

Her twin brother Elder Lincoln J. Barlow just arrived in the Singapore Malaysia mission where he is speaking Mandarin,  Her cousin Elder Ethan Ormsby is serving his mission as a Volunteer (no longer missionaries there but volunteers) In Vladavostok Russia Mission speaking Russian and our adopted son Elder Andy Romero is in the Mexico City Mission speaking Spanish. 

I was just thinking how we are getting quite an international mission group in our family. 

Our returned grandsons have added to our international status.  Ryan served in Scotland/Ireland mission, Michael served in Moldova Romania Mission speaking Romanian and Adam served in the West Indies Mission speaking French. Put that together with our sons who have been on missions, Mark served in Honolulu Hawaii mission, Matt served in the Milan Italy Mission speaking Italian.  Ben served in the Toronto North Canadian Mission speaking Canadian ( I am sure that is a foreign language).  Nathan served in Australia speaking Mandarin Chinese.  Dean served in Boston Mission (thats kind of a foreign language)and Keith served in the Cali Columbia Mission speaking Spanish.

Add in Farrell who served in the French East mission  where he learned French and has since served three French speaking missions with his companion including Kinshasa DR Congo Mission, Burundi-DR Congo-Kenya Humanitarian Mission as Clean Water Specialists with LDS Charities  and now currently serving in the Lubumbashi DR Congo mission all french speaking. 

We truly are an international family. And I have come to realize that this world is very small and we are all connected and if we would only treat each other like family our world would be a safe and wonderful world to live in.

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